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An adventure that will help change the lives of hundreds of people with physical disabilities.

Associação Salvador and YPO have teamed up once again to support the inclusion of people with physical disabilities.

Show that inclusion has no limits! The team will be climbing 2351 meters to show that we can overcome all barries. Nothing can stop us from reaching our final destination, regardless of any physical limitations.

Maria de Lurdes António, who has been supported by Associação Salvador, will join us in climbing the mountain of Ilha do Pico, in the Azores. Before her accident, Lurdes was an athlete and participated in marathons, trails, canoeing and triathlons. For Lurdes, the sky is the limit, and the summit of Ilha do Pico is something achievable, regardless of any barriers.

Support the inclusion of people with motor disabilities. All donations will be given to Associação Salvador, in order to continue to create a better living for people with any type of physical disability or reduced mobility.

More than 1 million people with reduced mobility or motor disability live in Portugal. Accessing public transportation, employment, education or simply visiting a museum or a restaurant and just some of the countless obstacles that are faced every day. Associação Salvador was founded 20 years ago, and through its daily work, has supported hundreds of people in several areas: inclusion through sports, employment, education, financial support for the adaptation of homes, awareness campaigns for inclusion and prevention of road traffic accidents.

Make your donation today and join our mission to improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities.


“Portugal and Lisbon have been home for the last 4.5 years. To me the best way to explore a city is by walking, but as I climbed the hills in Lisbon, turned into narrow alleys with steep staircases and visited homes with lots of stairs and no lifts, I couldn’t help but wonder how challenging it must be to be disabled here. That first year I heard Salvador speak and was deeply moved by his story and the incredible work of Associação Salvador. From working with individuals to help them overcome challenges at home, at work and in sports, to collaborating with government and businesses to improve wheelchair access. The work being done is truly life changing and makes us better as a society and community. I’m proud to support this effort and raise awareness to the exemplary work being done here.”
Steph, YPO member

Would you like to use another payment method to make your donation?

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IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0003 0526 6772 3
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Your donation is tax deductible. If you make your donation via IBAN or MB WAY, please send us proof of paymento to, in order to issue a donation receipt.





About Associação Salvador

Associação Salvador works in the field on physical disability and was founded by Salvador Mendes de Almeida in 2003, with the objective of promoting the inclusion of people with physical disabilities, improving their quality of life, enhancing their talents and raising awareness of equal opportunities.

Your donation will support Associação Salvador in its work to create better living conditions for people with reduced mobility or motor disability. We work with great dedication to create a more inclusive and accessible country for all, without exception. We support hundreds of people every year, and since 2003 we already changed the life of 4354 people.

“With the support provided by Associação Salvador, I have regained my joy and will to live. I will be completely autonomous and independent as I was before my accident. I will be able to live a so-called normal life like any other young person of my age and that makes me very happy. Thank you for your trust. I will continue to fight to be an example to follow and exceed expectations. Thank you very much Associação Salvador!”



What projects does Associação Salvador develop?

Through 10 different projects in the areas of knowledge, integration and awareness, we promote the inclusion of people with physical disabilities, improving their quality of life and enhancing their talents and raising awareness of equal opportunities.

We finance and support directly people with proven economic need, creating greater accessibility, comfort and autonomy in their homes. We provide adapted sports equipment and grants for training and employment.

We integrate professionals with physical disabilities, giving them greater autonomy and independence. We develop and hold sports activities and meetings that contribute to a significant increase in the quality of life.

We reach out to students and teachers, and with our campaigns for Road Safety, we raise awareness with hundreds of drivers every year.

We also lobby and exert political pressure for compliance with the law and the improvement of accessibility in Portugal.

We dream of a world in which everyone can have an active participation in society through an active, healthy lifestyle, and ensure that any person with physical disabilities can fully enjoy their life and rights.